Analytics for Healthcare

Gain data-driven insights into your operations

In an age where hospitals are continuously required to “do more with less,” accountability has never been more important. Justifying budgeting decisions, proving compliance and demonstrating your team’s value to the organization are all critical to maintaining funding and getting the recognition you deserve.

TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions features comprehensive reporting templates to standardize how hospital-specific processes are tracked and presented. It provides dynamic dashboards for managing work, as well as highly flexible, intuitive reporting for compliance and administrative promotion. This world-class solution can help you better communicate with hospital staff, increase productivity, manage costs, improve compliance readiness and make better, data-driven decisions, all through your mobile device.

Add the Worx IQ application and you’re always on top of the metrics and quality indicators you want to track. Use built-in templates, or create custom reports that give you exactly what you need – whether it’s monitoring a trend that’s worrying you or comparing performance across sites, against benchmarks. You decide what you want to have escalated and it happens automatically. That way, you get early line-of-sight to emerging issues before they become major problems.

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