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BioMed for TheWorxHub

Improved Biomedical Equipment Management

Imagine a world where your clinical engineers don’t have to waste time hunting down equipment, gathering data from Excel or spending hours on compliance documentation. And where you can leave behind complex and tedious software that keeps you from doing your work efficiently.

BioMed for TheWorxHubTM empowers your biomedical team to transform the demands around managing medical equipment into a streamlined workflow. Our asset-based workflow management tool helps you drive productivity and ensure compliance – with one intuitive system to track the work of your clinical engineers and technicians.

Because, after all, when your biomedical department works smarter, it translates to better patient care and staff safety.


  • See and find assets quicker within a simple user interface and streamlined biomedical asset management tools and library
  • Standardize asset intake information so you have the details you need when you need them
  • Easily track preventive and corrective maintenance needs on a digital dashboard


  • Better allocate staff time, automate work assignments and help engineers and technicians prioritize their work
  • Track system components and information across your facility’s locations and departments for stronger collaboration
  • Make specific compliance information accessible and actionable – so you can easily show you’re meeting The Joint Commission requirements


  • See your team’s workflow clearly so you can find ways to be even more productive
  • Mobile tools help your team get to equipment information whenever and wherever they need it, from surgical suites to patient rooms to the office
  • Quickly report on risk scoring and analysis, equipment data, staff efficiency and more

Product Features

Streamline Your Asset Workflow
  • Easily add all the information you need to properly track and maintain an asset within one intuitive system.
  • Make looking up equipment and assets quick and easy with an elastic search that helps you find exactly what you need.
  • Have one place to house and access all instruction manuals and attachment files straight from TheWorxHub, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.
  • Make tracking work tasks and time much easier with a mobile view of your technician’s daily task list and a way to start the work timer with one click.
  • Apply data requirements and approval rules for new equipment models to make sure you can easily keep up with inspections and other preventive maintenance measures.

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