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Asset Management & Capital Planning for Healthcare

Software that Helps You Manage Today While Planning For Tomorrow

Imagine having all the tools you need at your fingertips to see the past, present and future of your work. Our asset management and capital planning tools within TheWorxHub™ give you the power to do that and make better decisions inspired by your daily work and asset data. Easily barcode and track all your equipment, then combine with risk and condition assessments to help you prove your needs around repair vs. replace, asset life, capital budgets and more.


  • Simplify the capital planning and capital budget processes with asset data at your fingertips
  • Create a 5-, 10- or 15-year capital plan that you can count on
  • Track deferred maintenance backlog and determine your specific needs


  • Know what to repair or replace and when to do so based on your asset lifecycle or facility condition assessment data
  • View and save cost data for work, assets and even staff members
  • Access dashboards to easily understand and interpret your data so you can share reports with others


  • Use data to justify resource needs like equipment replacements, budget or staffing
  • Risk assess your assets to see where your dollars will be most effective
  • Share reports and statistics with leadership to prove your case

Product Features

Visual, Exact & Effective Capital Planning
  • Start building your capital plan with three simple questions, then begin gathering facility forecast data in less than 10 minutes to boost your planning and team's productivity.
  • Create a simple view of your capital projects and tasks, costs and expenses, then easily make edits when needed. Use this data to prevent unexpected costs by reducing asset failure and breakdowns, as well as forecasting replacement requirements.
  • Pull statistics from your real-time work and asset analytics to strengthen your capital plan and budget requests. Corporate dashboard tools help you stay transparent with your capital plan.
  • Add to your capital plan and reporting with industry benchmarks that show how your team and organization stack up on various key performance indicators (KPIs).

What Our Clients Are Saying

We can track if a certain piece of equipment is causing failures and extra work and use that as justification in a capital request.
- Curtis Johnson, Bonner General Health

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