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Event Management for Healthcare

Organize & Optimize Your Internal Events Calendar

What type of events are held in your facilities today and how are you tracking them? What about the employee activities that you offer as perks? Whether you're wanting to increase the reach in your community or just publicize your hospital's events more effectively to employees, Dude Solutions can help. With Event Managerâ„¢, our interactive event calendar software for healthcare, you can maximize the impact of your wellness classes, community events, local activities and more. Simple, mobile event management tools can help you and your staff stay organized and on the same page.


  • Share all of your upcoming events on a unique and interactive calendar
  • Organize your events with images, specifics tags and more to create interest
  • Customize colors, fonts and logos to match your unique branding


  • Manage event schedules, location availability and event activity in one centralized application
  • Simplify event registration, ticketing and merchandising with online payment
  • Track facility usage and costs, make data-driven decisions and easily share insights with stakeholders


  • Make it easy to share events with personalized links to send via email or social
  • Build custom surveys to gather feedback from the community and event attendees
  • Serve your user community with a modern web-based application that’s accessible anytime and anywhere with the mobile responsive calendar and event pages

Product Features

Managing Events & Activities Made Easy
  • Use customizable drag-and-drop forms to easily create events and get the information you need from attendees. Make events easy to find, register and pay for in minutes.
  • Gather feedback from users and event attendees with our simple survey tool to find ways to improve your events, perks and services.
  • Boost event attendance and awareness with dedicated SEO-friendly pages for each event. Send invites quickly and generate awareness on your social media channels.
  • Use your event dashboard to get a snapshot of all your events, as well as approve requests, monitor registration numbers, track revenue and manage space utilization.

What Our Clients Are Saying

You really want your institution to have a centralized calendar to use, but nobody has ever envisioned it as a marketing tool.
- Jane Bird, Creative Manager/Webmaster

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