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Organize and optimize your event calendar

Take the stress out of events. Better spread the word on wellness.

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Increase Your Impact with Events

Whether you're wanting to increase the reach in your community or just publicize your hospital's events more effectively, Dude Solutions can help. 

With Event Manager™, our interactive event calendar software for healthcare, you can maximize the impact of your wellness classes, community events and more.


  • Share all of your upcoming events on a unique and interactive calendar
  • Organize your events with images, specifics tags and more to create interest
  • Customize colors, fonts and logos to match your branding


  • Make it easy to share events with personalized links to send via email or social
  • Have a dedicated page for each event and incorporate SEO-friendly keywords to rank higher in search engines
  • Reach your audience anytime and anywhere with the mobile responsive calendar and event pages


  • Better engage with your community and ignite word-of-mouth marketing
  • Allow your staff and community to subscribe to your event calendar to stay in the know
  • Easily create digital signage to promote events on your campus

Clearer Communication

Make events easy to find for staff, patients and community members with category, location and tag filtering.

Interactive Calendar

Utilize built-in event promotion and social sharing tools to get the word out about your events.

Analysis Tools

Track registrations, collections and payments in real time. Sync with your Google Analytics account to learn even more about your visitors.

Simplified Registration

Make registering for an event simple, even if there's a payment required. Payments are processed online and delivered straight to your bank account.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I appreciate the simple interface and the options for the list and calendar view. I really like that it's easy to share on our social media, too."
- Jane Bird, Creative Manager/Webmaster

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