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Integrations for Healthcare

Connect Your Systems for a New Level of Efficiency

With all the systems used in today’s healthcare landscape, it’s important that each communicate necessary information – and that it doesn’t take critical time out of your day to help them connect. That’s why TheWorxHub™ offers a variety of software integrations to ensure your operations management system is as smart as possible and informed by other systems across your environment. Let us help you connect everything, so you can deliver an even higher level of safety and service.


  • Easily integrate TheWorxHub with other software in your ecosystem
  • Create a one-step way for users to sign in to our software
  • Ensure IT has the tools they need to streamline your use of different systems


  • Create a connection between our software and your financial and ERP systems
  • Use our API to build custom reports or corporate intranet dashboards


  • Use data from TheWorxHub to inform other processes around your daily work
  • Ensure you’re securely sharing data from system to system

Product Features

A Secure & Flexible Connection
  • Our SAML2.0-compliant software is equipped with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to give users a simple and safe way to sign in to the system.
  • Share important cost data with your ERP system and other financial systems right out of your CMMS to ensure consistency and reduce extra data entry.
  • Create a work request in TheWorxHub from other integrated equipment monitoring systems or IoT devices.

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