Maintenance Management for Healthcare

Healthcare CMMS solutions for compliance & quality

In healthcare facilities, maintenance isn’t just about keeping a hospital up and running smoothly – it’s often tied directly to the health and well-being of patients. Therefore, maintenance is a highly-regulated process that is monitored closely by CMS and its accrediting agencies. Compliance requirements apply to the full range of hospital operations, from managing and maintaining utility systems to monitoring the environment of care.

Dude Solutions provides TheWorxHub, a suite of healthcare-specific maintenance solutions to help prioritize, manage, and ensure completion of compliance-related work and inspections. With TheWorxHub, you can establish maintenance schedules and tasks for compliance and ensure that your staff has access to those procedures wherever and whenever they are doing work. With a scalable architecture that includes mobile, inventory and barcoding functionality, TheWorxHub can help you solve some of your biggest maintenance challenges so you can:

  • Ensure compliance by managing, tracking and documenting all required processes
  • Improve responsiveness by logging, prioritizing and tracking maintenance needs
  • Align with EOC rounding for a comprehensive, integrated solution that satisfies key compliance criteria
  • Capture all necessary information in one place and make it accessible when and where it's needed, on a mobile device
  • Extend the life of key equipment with comprehensive preventive maintenance
  • More accurately track maintenance budget trends, anomalies and opportunities to save
  • Save time and avoid errors by generating and managing purchase orders electronically

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