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Space Management for Healthcare

Space Management Tools to Bring Your Facility Needs to Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see where all your specific equipment and assets are to make your work as efficient as possible? And wouldn’t it be nice to share this map with new staff members and anyone else who needs to navigate your facilities and could benefit from centralizing their work? With TheWorxHub™, you can do all of that through our Space Management module that helps you find equipment, do work faster and map compliance needs.


  • Use detailed interior maps to see all your work and assets
  • Map out equipment by facility and pull up work history for each piece
  • Integrate life safety drawings into your facility map


  • Give technicians and employees mobile access to a shared facility map
  • Share locations of work and assets to simplify the inspection process


  • See your day-to-day work requests and specific assets by location
  • Group work by location for improved efficiency
  • Make onboarding new staff simple with one tool to see their work

Product Features

Map Your Operational Efficiency
  • Upload PDF, CAD or other image formats to create a visualization of your building interiors. Easily identify locations of work, preventive maintenance (PM) tasks and assets on your drawings to plan routes and streamline inspections.
  • Leveraging square footage calculations, this solution helps you see how your space is being used by department and by the primary occupants of the space. Use this information to streamline reimbursements, reconfigure space for efficiency and optimize departmental chargebacks.
  • Make your life safety drawing available to all staff within the system, so they can easily locate critical life safety elements to help them do their job safely and efficiently.

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