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Analytics for Healthcare

See, Share & Benchmark Your Operations Data

With all that’s on your plate, it can be tricky to find the time, energy and tools to properly analyze your operations performance. With WorxIQ™ from TheWorxHub™, you have an easier way to analyze and benchmark your performance, from one site to many throughout your organization, to find simple ways to improve what you do today to impact tomorrow. Our healthcare analytics tool can tell you what you need to know from your corporate data, compare your operations to hundreds across the country, as well as help you report the most important insights to key stakeholders.


  • See the analytics important to your work and daily decisions in one simple dashboard
  • Break your operations data down into visual key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Better understand your operations with visual drill-downs to make data-driven decisions around staffing, budgeting and training needs


  • Find your work, asset, staff and other data points all in one user-friendly dashboard
  • Create custom reports specific to your budget, resource or planning needs
  • Your data combined with decades of ours can help you know what to prioritize


  • See how your operations stack up against organizations like yours
  • Compare sites across your organization to find areas of excellence and improvement
  • Establish KPIs that align with your overall business goals

Product Features

Better Analysis for Better Insight
  • Our dynamic business intelligence visualization tool is customizable and comes with built-in templates to ensure you see the most important stats to your organization.
  • Use dashboards powered by your real-time data to understand your team’s workload, share progress, justify needs, or map out important goals and KPIs.
  • Create specific corporate standards on things like priorities, reporting standards and preventive maintenance templates that are pushed down to each of the sites in your organization.
  • Benchmark your operations against 1,000+ healthcare facilities like yours and even use your data to standardize procedures across multiple sites.
  • Get automated reporting on high-risk work orders and assets, compliance, cost analyses and staff time allocations to always be prepared.

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