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Energy Management
for Manufacturing

Boost Your Energy Management

No more billing surprises. Create more clarity and insights into your energy usage and improve your consumption.

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What's your average monthly bill?

Many organizations don't track utility bills, but for manufacturers, energy is often an untapped source of cost savings. From unforeseen energy spikes to billing mistakes, creating more visibility into your monthly utility usage can help you better manage your resources and save you money. Whether you want to cut down on monthly expenses or install environmentally-friendly upgrades, we've got a solution for you: Energy Manager™. And, it’s all tied to ENERGY STAR.


  • Input monthly billings to create a baseline for trending data
  • Verify utilities against the average to discover errors
  • Monitor and track utility usage, emissions and more for reporting


  • Share your successes and insights with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Create reports for key stakeholders to prove the value of your efforts
  • Build an army of active participants with unlimited reports, trends and more


  • Create justification for energy projects
  • Gain a detailed understanding of your energy spend to find savings opportunities
  • Prevent costly billing or meter reading errors

Upload Data

Input and export utility data along with facility information with ease.

Track Utilities

Monitor and report on your monthly bills across all buildings or facilities.

Reduce Energy Costs

Discover areas for improvement or a billing errors to keep costs down.

Automate Scoring

Automatically sync your data to see your ENERGY STAR score.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"All the equipment was put into the system [without manual entry]. We can easily add work centers, and the system is intuitively set up and so logical while many others aren't."
–Robert Martz, Engineered Controls

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