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Technology Management for Manufacturing

Streamline Your Technology to Maximize Your Uptime

The modern plant floor is increasingly high tech. There’s a lot of technology to manage, and that’s why we’ve got solutions to help. Whether you’re managing laptops in offices, tablets for your technicians or creating secure networks to protect your data, we’ve got you covered.

Dude Solutions Help Desk™ and Insight™ empower you to do the best work of your life, helping you to own your operations as you navigate growth and manage costs, all within an easy-to-use technology management system.


  • Deliver a seamless requester experience and dramatically reduce time to resolution
  • Automate manual activities for timely and improved outcomes, with lower costs
  • Benefit from a unified help desk platform that associates tickets with your asset inventory


  • Communicate effectively with accurate reporting, prove your value and help your organization thrive
  • Create a data-driven culture for more accurate forecasting and budgeting; use data to show value and gain organizational buy-in
  • Add an extra layer of security so you know your data is private and secure


  • Create a visible, detailed support system for your IT team
  • Integrate with other software in your ecosystem for a more complete solution and ROI
  • Tap into full-fledged client support and a 97% client satisfaction rating

Product Features

Do More with Your Technology
  • Track tickets, projects and all your activity from within a unified help desk and inventory platform. Simplify and automate your workflow for maximum efficiency.
  • Identify and create an inventory of all IP-addressable devices on your network with an automated agentless scan. Tie assets to tickets for more efficient and effective service.
  • Generate configurable reports for key stakeholders to improve communication and position IT as a data-driven leader within the organization.
  • Empower IT teams to offer a self-service option for common questions and issues. Maximize customer satisfaction and reduce reactive workload.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our [time to resolution] is significantly better — probably 80% better. We couldn’t live without your ticketing system. That’s our lifeblood.
- Bob Green, Computer Repair Supervisor

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