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Capital Forecasting
for Manufacturing

Create More Insights and More Control

With our capital forecasting solution, you’ll create more actionable insights and better decisions for your resources. Create a plan now and have peace of mind in the future.

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Capital Forecasting

Where will your facilities be in 30 years?

Everything in your buildings, from the assets on the plant floor to the HVAC units and electrical equipment, will need to be repaired and replaced. Dude Solutions Capital Forecasting™ helps you develop a plan up to 30 years in advance for your budget. With more insights into your facilities, you can make smarter decisions and extend the life of both your machines and your budgets. Anticipate major expenses, prevent financial surprises, have the data to justify purchases – all in an easy-to-use solution.


  • Collect all facility and maintenance data in one place
  • No need for manual input with easy data uploads
  • Easily update facility info as needed


  • Create user-friendly reports and dashboards
  • Know what resources are needed and when they’ll be used
  • Capture a full picture that complements FCAs and more


  • Plan ahead for major expenses and projects
  • Ensure that your resources are used where they’re most needed
  • Prioritize your work based on facility and work data

Import Data

Add new and existing asset data, including FCAs and work order history, for a full picture.

Create Your Capital Plan

Project your finances up to 30 years in advance and plan ahead.

Report and Prioritize

Generate reports based on real-time data and focus your team’s efforts.

Prove Your Worth

Present your findings with reports, configurable graphs and more.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly task, it is captured in the system. This program is invaluable in helping us track all our work.”
–Barry Dean, Aprilaire

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