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More Efficient Asset Management with the Smartest CMMS for Manufacturers Request a demo
Asset Essentials™: One Tool to Streamline Maintenance Operations

Your maintenance team is critical to your organization’s success. A properly implemented CMMS will promote better uptime, optimize your maintenance team, avoid inventory stock-outs, stretch the life of your assets, and help you stay safe, lean and compliant.

With our CMMS and asset management software for all types of manufacturers, maintenance operations professionals will shine at their duties and improve the profitability of their organizations. We support 2.7 million users with 7.3 million assets, offering insights that save time and money through more streamlined daily operations.

Asset Essentials is an easy-to-use, flexible and robust cloud-based system to connect and prioritize your critical daily work – so you can operate smarter than ever before.

Cloud Software for Manufacturing (2:27)
Avoid profit killers

Organize your maintenance staff, keep an appropriately stocked inventory, improve asset lifecycle, operate compliantly, and have the metrics and insights you need to operate more efficiently.

Know what to do next

Better understand where your maintenance operations are today and what you will need to drive connectivity with the future of the internet of things and Industry 4.0. Use configurable reporting and analysis from a centralized dashboard to inspire data-driven decision-making.

Mobilize & empower your team

Easy-to-use yet powerful cloud solutions simplify managing work from wherever your team is, and a simple mobile interface empowers users to complete work faster than ever.

Streamline your workflow

From a one-step work request form to intuitive dashboards for everyone from technicians to supervisors to safety officers, you can easily manage routing, approvals and notifications around work orders. And our flexible CMMS offers integrations to connect to your other systems.

Solve every operations challenge. All in one platform.
Built for the business you’re in
Food & Beverage
Paper, Plastics, Rubber
Oil & Gas
Make your work & life simpler
  • Quick mobile communication
  • Asset lifecycle data
  • Automated work assignments
  • Compliance tracking
  • Custom, shareable reports
  • Purchase order and inventory tools
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