Energy Management for Manufacturing

Boost the energy efficiency of your plant

Manufacturing plants use a tremendous amount of power – particularly those running three shifts. When every kilowatt – and every dollar – count toward the bottom line, it’s critical to do whatever you can to reduce those costs. But not if productivity suffers. Fortunately, Dude Solutions’ energy tracking solution delivers a significant savings while maximizing productivity.

Energy Manager makes it easy to monitor and record changes in consumption patterns, track and share conservation efforts, and reduce costs. Best of all, it includes detailed analysis and reporting tools that provide plant managers with much-needed visibility into key energy metrics. Our web-based energy management software is designed to help you:

  • Track utility costs and consumption across all commodities and services
  • Improve efficiency of machines, equipment and the entire plant
  • Measure and verify the impact of all energy-related capital projects through utility use trending
  • Monitor greenhouse gas emissions and other important environmental metrics

Manufacturing Energy Solution

For many manufacturers, particularly small ones with limited budgets and staff, spreadsheets have remained the norm in tracking utility and energy costs throughout their plants. Until now. Dude Solutions has digitized and simplified the entire process of monitoring, recording and analyzing your energy costs, with a unique web-based solution that is available where and when you need it.

Energy Manager delivers a new and improved way of staying accountable to your administrators, your community and your budget at all times. Featuring robust monitoring and reporting tools, this unique application allows you to track almost any commodity or quantifiable service, including electricity, natural gas, propane, fuel oil, water, sewer, telephone, internet and more. When combined with our Bill Automation service, you can eliminate the need to manually enter utility bills to automate the data collection and delivery process to your account.

  • Improves utility analysis by allowing you to follow weather trends and events, monitor energy usage and spending, and audit monthly bills automatically
  • Simplifies tracking by monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, conservation initiatives, and energy use indices
  • Establishes benchmarks of your building or municipality to those of similar areas; obtain ENERGY STAR® ratings and compare your performance regionally or nationally

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