Work Order Management for Manufacturing

Work order management solutions to streamline workflow

As a manufacturer, equipment downtime – particularly when it’s unexpected – is among the most significant costs in your plant. Time is quite literally money when it comes to your production lines, so keeping that equipment up and running efficiently is priority 1 for most companies. Unfortunately, many companies still track and manage the maintenance and work order procedures of their most valuable equipment assets using notepads and spreadsheets. But Dude Solutions has a much better way.

Our renowned MaintenanceEdge application can streamline the entire maintenance process throughout your plant. It gives you the power to open a work order with the click of a button, then automatically route, track and record the entire workflow process from anywhere, at any time, on any device. This award-winning suite includes our Work Order and Planned Maintenance applications, each with specialized features and functionality to help optimize both preventive and corrective maintenance processes. There is simply no more comprehensive maintenance solution on the market today, and it’s helping manufacturers everywhere turn their maintenance processes into a competitive advantage for their business.

  • Provides a convenient, centralized portal to submit, track and manage work requests through all stages of the process
  • Generates and automatically assigns planned maintenance work orders, and displays scheduled tasks on an interactive calendar
  • Schedules vendors, records labor records and documents purchase transactions
  • Provides detailed reporting tools to monitor and report on workflow costs and efficiency
  • Creates detailed planning tools with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance schedules