Safety Management for Manufacturing

Instant mobile access to your safety plans

Manufacturers love documentation. From the latest safety plans and emergency response procedures to material safety data sheets (MSDS) and equipment manuals, printed documents are spread throughout the plant floor. In an emergency situation, or when a production line is down, who has time to hunt around and find the right binder to get to the information they need?

In a crisis situation, you and your teams need to respond quickly and act decisively – and that means ensuring everyone has immediate access to the latest action plans and safety documentation. Dude Solutions empowers manufacturing plants with the tools they need to update, distribute, download and track any type of response documentation – from safety procedures and protocols, to SDS manuals, key contacts lists, building plans and much more. Our solutions provide a single source of content for the latest and most accurate versions of your most critical assets. And it’s all immediately accessible to those who need it most, via their most portable and indispensable personal tool – their cell phones. Our simple, cloud-based solutions can help you:

  • Get critical information assets directly into the hands of those who need it, on their mobile device, with or without an internet connection
  • Centralize your material files, eliminating the need to update multiple, manual libraries of offline content
  • Act more quickly, confidently and accurately when responding to a crisis situation
  • Track emergency responses against established protocols

Manufacturing Safety Solution

From equipment failures, to weather-related disasters, to medical emergencies on the shop floor, manufacturing plants need to be prepared for anything at any time. So why do most of them continue to store their critical documentation in dusty binders? And who can be sure what they’re reading is the most up-to-date version? We have a better way.

Dude Solutions’ Safety Center is a mobile safety / information hub that allows you to publish key documentation and procedures, provide easy access to those materials and track your teams’ overall response to the crisis. Instead of housing these plans in binders and file cabinets in the plant manager’s office, they are instantly accessible whenever they’re needed – either on-demand from a centralized library or pushed out as a notification when a crisis arises. Either way, your team is prepared to act quickly when it counts most.

  • Provides a centralized repository of safety procedures and protocols that are accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Delivers unlimited push notifications to reach plant floor staff and urgent response teams all at once
  • Provides detailed accountability with incident tracking and reporting tools
  • Works without an internet connection and is supported on a wide range of devices
  • Updates information on all devices instantaneously