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Technology Management
for Manufacturing

Gain Control Over Your Technology

Manage, track and maintain the devices that your team relies on every day.

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Got devices? We have solutions.

The modern plant floor is increasingly high-tech. There’s a lot of technology to manage, and we’ve got solutions to help. Whether you’re managing laptops in offices, tablets for your technicians or creating secure networks to protect your data, we’ve got you covered with our technology software Insight™. And, if you’ve got an in-house IT team, we have the perfect help desk solution, Help Desk™, to support them.


  • Monitor and track all devices that enter your network
  • See where assets are used, and by whom, plus all work history
  • Create insights into the status of your assets for repairs, warranties and more


  • Automatically capture any unknown devices
  • Add an extra layer of security to keep your data private
  • Track all user activity, software and more – even on personal devices


  • Push automatic updates to all devices as needed
  • Deploy multiple assets at once for faster time to value
  • Create a visible, detailed support system for your IT team

Track Assets

Know who is using an asset and where with detailed device data, even on personal devices.

Manage Your Budget

Stay on top of your budget by collecting data around labor costs and asset total cost of ownership (TCO).

Protect Your Data

Keep your organization’s data secure by knowing exactly who (and what) is coming and going on the network.

Support Technology

Ensure your digital assets are well maintained so your team can rely on them when it matters most.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Dude Solutions has been very helpful for me…all the people in the building know why their work order hasn’t been completed, or why it has been completed.”
-Kevin LaFollette, Sherwin-Williams

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