Optimize Your Equipment

and Your Business

Intelligent Operations for Manufacturing

As a manufacturer, nothing is more important to you than keeping your equipment up and running smoothly. Unplanned downtime not only damages productivity and drives up production costs – it can also lead to even greater “big picture” expenses over time. Our goal at Dude Solutions is simple – to provide you with the insight you need to better manage equipment maintenance and keep your operations running at peak efficiency. Our solutions can help streamline the way you manage work orders, reduce energy expenses, protect your technology, improve your OEE and keep your employees safe. With better control over your processes, and real-time access to critical reporting metrics, you can turn your operational efficiency into a major competitive advantage for your business.  

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Key Benefits

  • Optimize Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

  • Better manage inventory, assets and workflow

  • Reduce equipment downtime and improve productivity

  • Improve tracking for longer equipment life

  • Make data-driven decisions with enhanced reporting

  • Track utility costs and consumption for lower bills


    Manufacturing Safety Solutions


    Be prepared for anything with the critical safety and equipment documentation you need, when and where you need it.

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    Manufacturing Energy Solutions


    Track utility costs and consumption to improve energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

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    Manufacturing Technology Solutions


    Optimize your technology investments while managing your IT demands with limited staff and budget.

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    Manufacturing Maintenance Solutions


    Manage your facilities, optimize OEE and maximize equipment uptime with centralized work requests, automated workflow and simple reporting tools.

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