Make Maintenance a Picnic

Intelligent Operations for Parks and Recreation

When you work in Parks and Recreation, every day is an adventure. One minute you might be resurfacing a playground, while another you could be repairing an irrigation system. No matter what your day holds, you can face all of your tasks with confidence with our cloud-based parks and rec software on your side (and on your mobile device). Our online, easy to use tools can help you compile daily work requests, schedule routine inspections and more to create a better, safer environment for your team and your citizens. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about seeing those smiling faces on your fellow community members.

Key Benefits

  • Easily schedule preventive maintenance (PM) for equipment

  • Inventory and track the age, condition and cost of assets

  • Generate reports on work order, PM and assets

  • Justify budgeting needs with data and reporting

  • Organize an event or the renting of your facility

  • Improve energy efficiency by enhancing facility management


    Parks and Recreation Safety Solutions


    Be prepared for anything with the critical safety information you need, when and where you need it.

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    Parks and Recreation Maintenance Solutions


    Manage your facilities, teams and budget with centralized work requests, automated workflow and simple reporting tools.

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