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With the growing to-do list of senior living operations (especially multi-site organizations), it can be difficult to find the time or resources to gather information and analytics to improve your services and see how you stack up across the industry.

How do you analyze and benchmark your daily operations?

WorxIQ provides analytics on your day-to-day operations (from maintenance to housekeeping) that is easy to view, analyze and customize. Use built-in templates or create custom drill downs that give you exactly what you need – whether it’s monitoring a trend that’s worrying you or comparing performance across sites and against industry-wide benchmarks.

Gain company-wide transparency into how your organization is working, while also looking at in-depth data (from volume of work to response time and even resident billing averages) for individual sites within your corporate structure. Our tools offer user-friendly dashboards and built-in subscription reporting capabilities that allow you to distribute crucial data to stakeholders.

Feel empowered to make data-driven decisions with templates for analytics and accessible, actionable insight to improve your operational performance.

  • Automate reporting on QA tracking, resident satisfaction figures, cost analyses, staff time allocations and more
  • View operational data anytime, anywhere on a mobile device
  • Benchmark your operations data against other sites and across the industry
  • Automatically escalate quality issues to executives and administration

I have a labor productivity report that comes out every morning. It tells me what my team did the day before and how many hours they spent working on its.

Cory NobleMaintenance & Security Director at Riverview Retirement

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