Event Management for Senior Living

Solutions for Organizing Resident Events

Our cloud-based event management software can help you coordinate and streamline the entire event and facility scheduling process at your community, all within one “hub.” From allowing staff to see what rooms are available to submitting room requests, setup and tear down assistance, or a catering request – TheWorxHub event management app has you covered.

Room Bookings

Your activities, meeting, dining and other common areas are in great demand for regular activities and special events… and so are your guest rooms. The challenge is keeping track of what’s booked for when, how maintenance needs to set up the room, what equipment is needed, and when housekeeping needs to clean up after the event, especially if each department works from its own calendar.

How do you effectively coordinate all of your services with room bookings?

Get everyone working from the same room and resource booking calendar with TheWorxHub from Dude Solutions. Our room booking software for senior living allows you to see at once what’s reserved for when, and be proactive in managing potential conflicts.

Event organizers can check room size and features to be sure they’re selecting the right room for the purpose at hand. Then, you can streamline your setup and teardown process with an easy way to communicate across maintenance, housekeeping and technology departments. No more arguments or disappointed residents, or last-minute scrambles to track down the necessary equipment.

It’s all planned, organized and settled with a single room booking solution: TheWorxHub.

  • Eliminate double-bookings and errors, and make life easier for event organizers
  • Use surveys to canvass residents for ideas about past and future events
  • Improve guest room service by ensuring rooms are ready and prepared properly on time
  • Integrates with Outlook so calendars are viewable on demand


Excellent catering makes a key contribution to the success of any event. However, delivering it consistently is becoming more complicated as demands increase with hosting a larger number internal and external events, along with tracking special requests.

How can you make catering for events easier on your staff and residents?

TheWorxHub from Dude Solutions gives you instant access to current and historical catering information, allowing for efficient planning of event menus and setups to meet every need. Your catering staff will no longer waste time searching through old files for that diabetic-friendly menu you just did for a group six months ago. They can quickly check what type of food service setup has worked for similar functions in the past.

Easily access records of menus, recipes and logistics to ensure your meal service always runs smoothly.

  • Ensure accurate staffing for your catering team, along with built-in contingency plans
  • Choose from room-specific sample layouts to establish the right menu and service setup
  • Ease the planning of future events by keeping records of past corporate events

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