Housekeeping Solution for Senior Living

Keep Your Community Clean & Comfortable

Housekeeping in a senior living context can be extremely challenging – from ensuring proper infection control procedures are followed to managing resident preferences to adjusting housekeeping schedules based on staffing issues. Our user-friendly housekeeping solutions help you provide personalized, reliable services to the residents you serve.


With a number of different housekeeping schedules and daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual tasks to keep track of, it’s easy for your staff to become disorganized, and your service levels and productivity to suffer.

How do you manage all of your housekeeping schedules?

Empower your staff to know what should be done when with our housekeeping scheduling software, TheWorxHub from Dude Solutions. Our simple solution can help you enter, track and record task lists, time requirements, staff assignments, supplies and more. With all of that information in one place, you can schedule staff more quickly (even if someone calls in sick at the last minute), and make the job of the housekeeping supervisor that much more streamlined. Whether you need to indicate resident preferences, compliance or infection control procedures, or customize cleaning checklists, it’s all doable in one place (and on your mobile device) with TheWorxHub.

From unit cleanings to floor care schedules, project cleaning to annual deep cleans, your staff will have the tools they need for the cleanest and most compliant community possible.

  • Reduce scheduling time with a drag and drop calendar
  • Easily reassign staff and update work orders at the touch of a button
  • Utilize best practices for housekeeping scheduling management to improve your processes

Requests & Infection Control

It may seem like no two days are alike for the housekeeping department at a senior living community. Keeping up with your regularly scheduled cleaning tasks is a no-brainer, but what about finding time for spot cleans, room turns, custom service requests and infection control procedures?

How do you fit normal housekeeping tasks along with ad hoc cleaning and infection control into your schedule?

Make sense of on-demand cleaning at your community with a streamlined solution for scheduling and staying compliant with infection control procedures. TheWorxHub offers a user-friendly interface for submitting, tracking and completing ad hoc housekeeping services that fit into your cleaning schedules.

When an infection control or urgent housekeeping need arises, you can see who’s available and when to keep the peace with staff schedules and ensure resident care.

  • View cleaning task lists and assignments on your mobile device
  • Access infection control procedure documents instantly
  • Use the operational dashboard to track all procedure tasks and ensure they are completed correctly and on time

Quality Assurance

It’s an ongoing challenge finding the time, resources and tools to ensure your senior living community is providing quality care and your residents are satisfied with your housekeeping services.

How do you make quality assurance a priority for your housekeeping team?

With our quality assurance software for senior living, TheWorxHub, it’s easy to get a snapshot at any moment of the quality of your housekeeping measures. Our data-driven tools can help you design reliable and user-friendly resident surveys and quality audits, analyze the results, and communicate them in a meaningful way. That way, you’ll know instantly when you’re slipping below quality standards and reset your priorities.

TheWorxHub allows you to create your own QA inspections with custom quality elements, then randomly assign a set number of rooms each week for the supervisor to inspect using their mobile device to complete simple yes/no questions. The information gathered will help assess employee performance and provide tools to create in-service training plans for your housekeeping team.

Use the data and reporting from your QA measures to know exactly where your housekeeping team needs to focus their attention to improve your processes for the future.

  • Use the built-in surveys or customize your own
  • Build your quality standards into inspection templates
  • Reuse standard surveys and link work orders to them

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