Independent Living

Simplified Operations for Independent Living

When you manage or work in an independent living community, you’re relied on to promote well-kept facilities and ensure your residents’ freedom to live an active lifestyle, all while protecting the millions of dollars invested in the building and equipment. That’s why you need a solution that takes care of the day-to-day operations, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

What could make a difference in your independent living operations?

From activities outside of your facilities to the maintenance inside of them, TheWorxHub has all of it covered with user-friendly software for independent living communities. We can empower you with the best tools to manage assets, track work orders and streamline safety procedures.

Create a comfortable and active environment for your residents with an organized operations solution that goes where your staff goes, on their mobile devices.

  • Streamline your work request process for staff and residents
  • Store your safety procedures digitally for instant access
  • Boost resident satisfaction with detailed resident preference tracking and improved communication
  • Monitor your success with quality assurance audits and satisfaction surveys

With 4.5 million spent a year on refurbishments, we can track the work that’s needed, how often it needs to occur, as well as all of the actual assets that are added to our buildings.

Bob LanzerottiFacilities Management Director at Windsor Park