Maintenance Management for Senior Living

Maintain Your Quality & Compliance

Our senior living-specific facility management solution establishes a process for handling corrective and preventive maintenance, asset management, and capital planning to prepare for the future of your facility.


Our work request and planned maintenance software for senior living provides a place to record, track and report on your maintenance tasks to improve resident services.

How do you track work orders and PM at your community?

From routine maintenance to ad hoc cleaning to capital assets, TheWorxHub helps you keep it all in order through customized PM schedules and capabilities that allow your staff to create work order requests from anywhere. Then, track your team’s progress and productivity with data-rich reports that you can present to administration to justify replacements, capital projects, staffing, budget requests and more.

It’s all organized, streamlined and assigned with our simple work request and preventive maintenance solution for senior living staff.

  • Increase productivity 10-15% with online work requests and mobile task management
  • Improve efficiency by logging, prioritizing and tracking maintenance needs
  • Ensure compliance by managing and documenting all required processes
  • Extend the life of key equipment and assets with automated maintenance reminders

Asset Management & Capital Planning

To keep residents and staff safe, you’ll need to establish an efficient way to track your equipment, every asset in your facility and the facility condition itself. Unexpected problems like an HVAC system breakdown are significant issues that affect resident satisfaction, as well as your bottom line.

How do you manage your assets and plan for the future of your facility?

Thankfully, Dude Solutions’ asset management and capital planning software through TheWorxHub offers an intelligent, user-friendly way to keep track of all your assets and plan for your most critical future needs.

By tying together asset management, corrective repairs, preventive maintenance and capital planning, our solution allows you to accurately predict when major equipment will need to be replaced or infrastructure renewed. Use the capital planning application to calculate impact on capital budgets over five years, 10 years or whatever period you choose to avoid surprises and financial shortfalls.

Give your staff the ability to open, track and complete work orders, while utilizing barcode scanning, on any asset right from their mobile device – and use that real-time data to create and implement a comprehensive capital plan.

  • Be prepared for any “what if” scenarios
  • Explore options for repair vs. replace and quickly calculate the impact on your bottom line
  • Make informed decisions with details about asset age, expected life, warranty coverage, maintenance history and cost at your fingertips


With compliance intricately tied to the quality of your resident care, things like the Life Safety Code, infection control and proper hazardous material storage become that much more crucial to carry out, document and report on.

How do you keep your facility and operations compliant?

TheWorxHub from Dude Solutions provides software to help prioritize, manage and ensure completion of compliance-related work. With our senior living software, you can establish maintenance schedules and tasks for compliance, and ensure your staff has access to the procedures they need wherever and whenever they are doing work. Additionally, our templates for mock surveys and inspections can help ensure your care and facilities are up to code.

From OSHA to the Life Safety Code, compliance is a breeze with mobile software that houses required procedures and protocols for every member of your staff to use.

  • Reduce your compliance risk with documentation on regulatory and safety-related tasks
  • Manage, track and document all required processes
  • Customize surveys according to your specific requirements
  • Build your quality standards into mock surveys to regularly check and record the quality of service delivery by any operations department or individual

PO & Inventory

Tracking inventory manually is difficult and time-consuming. Even the best operations managers admit they don't have total confidence in the accuracy of their records and fear they spend more than they should managing inventory.

How do you keep track of your purchase orders and inventory?

TheWorxHub from Dude Solutions makes it practical to take control of your inventory. Save time and avoid errors by generating and managing all your purchase orders electronically. Always know that you have that critical part on hand to fix the generator, or the specific cleaning solution request by a resident with allergies. With a more streamlined inventory system, you can manage supplier relationships more efficiently and identify opportunities to negotiate volume discounts.

By utilizing our PO and inventory software, you’ll be able to reduce maintenance-related inventory costs while ensuring you have the data to know what you’ll need before you even need it.

  • Access information and generate inventory lists instantly
  • Receive an automated reminder when products go below minimum threshold
  • Accurately track usage and cost of work by associating parts and supplies with specific tasks
  • Immediately see and investigate unusual trends with your inventory

Project Management

Every day at your senior living community is filled with unique resident requirements, complex staff schedules and departmental services that need to be delivered on time and at your high standards.

How do you keep up with every event, department and schedule across your community?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to gather related tasks from multiple departments with various deadlines and costs and track them as one project? With TheWorxHub, you can do that and more on a visual dashboard that shows the status of all your projects to simplify management.

Ensure your work orders are being submitted, tracked and completed properly with our project management software for senior living. From unit turns and refurbishments to internally managed renovation projects, our easy-to-use tools can help you track all of the project components and ensure they are achievable within your budget and schedule. Then, use insightful data and reporting on each element of the process to make better decisions about future projects.

Streamline your project timeline and budgetary needs with an organized and interactive project management solution from TheWorxHub.

  • Create project templates with preset tasks and staff/contractor assignments to speed up the time to action on projects
  • Easily track costs, including labor, inventory and contractor costs
  • Capture fee for service billing for resident requested enhancements
  • Document change orders from various parties, such as marketing, residents and staff
  • Analyze results and identify where bottlenecks occur for faster future unit turnaround

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