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Quality Assurance, Mock Surveys & Resident Satisfaction for Senior Living

Technology that Helps You Deliver Quality & Compliance for Today’s & Tomorrow’s Residents

Senior living operators are challenged with responding to resident satisfaction and compliance requirements, all while delivering a high-quality product. All are key to your success as an operator and require more than just random checks. At the same time, having the time and systems in place to run quality checks, mock surveys and satisfaction reviews can challenge even the most sophisticated operator. So how do you find out, in real time, residents’ impressions of maintenance, housekeeping or transportation? How do you know where quality issues lurk in housekeeping and what staff need training on? How prepared are you for your next compliance inspection? 

With our QA & Survey tool in TheWorxHubTM, you can automate the resident survey process and get results in real time, complete QA checks in seconds on a mobile device and gauge survey preparedness at a glance. For multi-site operators, corporate dashboards can help highlight your superstars and those lagging behind – ensuring you know where to focus your attention.


  • Create mock life safety or NFPA surveys to ensure you’re ready when your survey window hits
  • Automatically trigger corrective action from deficiencies to ensure issues are resolved prior to citations
  • Highlight multi-site trends and problems areas (and sites) that may require deeper review on a corporate dashboard


  • Create quality inspections for specific departments to gauge quality of work (from housekeeping cleaning reviews to fresh eye inspections)
  • Autogenerate surveys for random locations to get a true view of performance. Use QAs to both guide general training and address specific employee training issues
  • See quality scores by community on visual dashboards to easily identify areas of focus


  • Gain direct insight into resident satisfaction with specific instances of work. Real-time insights provide actionable intelligence to address satisfaction issues before they impact marketing
  • Automatically email surveys to residents to minimize administrative overhead and appeal to the next generation of seniors
  • Review satisfaction scores by site, department and even staff members for insights

Product Features

Integrated Solutions for Easy QA & Surveys
  • Save time with automated survey creation – either on a random work order count (ex. every 10th request) or on a set time frame (ex. complete 5 QAs a week for random locations).
  • Create your own questions to track and monitor issues relevant to your organization.
  • When an inspection point or quality check fails, TheWorxHub can automatically create corrective actions for your team.
  • Complete QA checks on mobile devices while in the community – no need for additional paperwork or desk time.
  • For multi-site organizations, TheWorxHub delivers multi-site dashboards to easily see where your attention is required, saving you time and doubling the return on your efforts.

What Our Clients Are Saying

If you’re looking to make your life more difficult, stick with what you’re doing. If you want to make your life easy, go with The Dude.
- Brandon Fowler, Canterbury Court

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