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Room Bookings for Senior Living

Smarter Room Booking & Planning Software for Better Organization

With all that goes on at your senior living community, there must be a better way to organize and bring it all together, right? That's where TheWorxHub™ comes in with solutions for room bookings and events that simplify processes and enhance communication across your senior living organization. Get every department on the same page, from housekeeping to maintenance to catering and more, within our easy-to-use room booking software.


  • Improve your resident service and reputation with a user-friendly room booking system
  • Eliminate double bookings and better plan and organize activities with calendar-driven room scheduling
  • Get your staff and residents all on the same page around event and room scheduling


  • Use a centralized calendar for room bookings and event planning
  • Create work orders for setups and teardowns for maintenance and housekeeping directly within the system
  • Connect room bookings to Outlook calendars, so everyone is on the same page when it comes to schedules


  • Have a better handle on what events are being hosted in your facilities
  • Attendance and waiting list tracking keep your events manageable
  • Access documentation at the tap of a button for safety and risk management purposes

Product Features

Technology to Make Room Bookings Simple
  • Give your staff one centralized calendar to see room availability and submit room booking requests that include tasks for each department.
  • Benefit from a room booking calendar that is interactive, easy-to-use and integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so you can easily see room availability.
  • From organizing events to booking a room to billing, complete your event-related tasks quickly and easily on any mobile device.
  • Automate tasks to prepare rooms, including maintenance for setup, housekeeping for cleanup, catering for food service and more. Access templates for room setup and teardown.
  • Maximize revenue opportunities with simple billing tools around room bookings and events.
  • Organize food service requests and ensure you have the right food in the right place with it all tracked in one system.

What Our Clients Are Saying

For a building this size, it’s so helpful to take the work out of us having to remember who needs what, when. This way we can focus our time on the actual work, and not the administrative side of things.
- Dave Durfee, Timber Ridge at Talus

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