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Senior Living Security

Promote a safer and more secure community

Redefine security processes. Modern tools to keep residents and staff safe.

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Safety is one of your top priorities – and for good reason since your communities are where your residents call home. With our streamlined mobile tool for security, your security team will be empowered to achieve a safer environment for everyone.


  • Better monitor your security officers' daily tasks and rounds
  • View a detailed daily log for improved management of your security team
  • Rely on digital documentation to give you the full picture of incidents for better (paperless) record-keeping


  • Promote your organization's mission and better support residents with thorough safety measures
  • Easily communicate resolutions or actions after an incident with those involved
  • Utilize digital check-ins to ensure your security team is as thorough as possible


  • Mobile tools create clear lines of communication across your campus
  • Complete rounds quicker and easier with mobile barcoding capabilities
  • Simplify hand-offs between shifts and security officers with better digital records and more detailed notes

Robust Rounding

From key checkpoints to location-based check-ins to voice-to-text work orders, rounding tools bring it all together to make your daily work more efficient.

Daily Log

Use your daily log dashboard to see everything that has been covered in rounds and easily spot any gaps.

Incident Documentation

Document everything you need to know about an incident when and where it occurs with digital incident forms, as well as the ability to add notes and photos.

Mobile Communication

Increase your transparency and reduce your paperwork with a user-friendly mobile app for rounding, incident tracking and more.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We need a centralized view of information: work orders, incidents, assets. With TheWorxHub's Security app, we have more efficient work orders, handoffs and data-sharing."
- Dale Weaver, VP of Facilities and Technology

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