Skilled Nursing

Smarter Skilled Nursing Starts Here

Whether you’re managing life safety, picking up new residents at the hospital or ensuring infection control procedures are being followed, we know how easy it is for your day to fill up with the operational tasks at your skilled nursing community. That’s why we’ve made it easier to communicate, schedule and complete everything within your organization and day.

How do you keep records of your facility and compliance measures?

Our cloud-based software for skilled nursing homes, TheWorxHub, allows you to get more done within your workday. From tools for submitting work orders and scheduling housekeeping tasks to documenting inventory and organizing transportation, it’s all at your fingertips with our mobile solution.

Discover a new way to track the compliance efforts at your health center, and have instant access to records and reports on maintenance, asset management, safety and more. All of this equates to time and money savings, as well as improved quality care for your residents.

  • Avoid unnecessary K-Tag citations with life safety reminders and full procedure documentation
  • Improve operational oversight and control with dashboards for both front-line staff and executives
  • Get the key information you need when you need it with automated report delivery
  • Monitor asset performance and ensure maximum value for every dollar spent

Entering assets is a breeze. I enter the information, set up a PM schedule and it pops up when it’s time to complete.

Dave DurfeeFacility Management Director at Timber Ridge at Talus