Transportation for Senior Living

Software for Efficient Resident Transport

Streamline the entire trip request process, route planning and driver assignments through our transportation solution, TheWorxHub. Our software can help make planning, managing and tracking every part of your trips simple.

Trip Management

Managing a transportation schedule can be a challenge, from assigning drivers, scheduling trips, overseeing a fleet, and still being able to give residents personalized service.

How do you keep all of your trip details in order?

Simplify your trip planning and execution with trip management software from TheWorxHub. We provide mobile solutions to track every detail of trips to and from your senior living community, including driver assignments, route planning, resident requests and bill calculations.

Deliver transportation services more efficiently with online mapping for route planning, as well as the ability to merge trips together to common destinations, view resident accessibility requirements, track vehicle usage, and ensure required inspections and safety checks are completed through our user-friendly trip management solution.

  • Streamline the tracking and scheduling of drivers and vehicles
  • Control expenses and charge appropriately for trips
  • Use map integration to make trips faster and more efficient

Vehicle Management

From medical appointments to trips to the mall to off-site events, your transportation options are a huge part of your resident care. Ensuring that residents safely get where they need to go while meeting your bottom line is crucial.

How do you track the maintenance and safety of your vehicles?

With vehicle management software from TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions, you’ll have the tools you need to track, manage and document every aspect of your vehicles’ service history (from oil changes to mileage to maintenance). Be prepared to maintain the highest safety standards with clear documentation and record keeping for your fleet of vehicles.

Focus on the driving, while leaving the documentation and safety to TheWorxHub.

  • Ensure safety checks and inspections are carried out regularly
  • Make informed repair vs. replace decisions for vehicles and parts
  • Compare the cost-benefit of outsourced vs. in-house transportation options

Driver Management

Those driving your residents around are even more important than the vehicles themselves – and it’s up to you to ensure your drivers deliver the same quality of services that you do at your senior living community.

How do you ensure safety and compliance with your drivers?

Rest easy knowing that your driver management is taken care of and useful data is accessible whenever you need it with TheWorxHub. Our cloud-based software for driver management can help you keep track of drivers, trips, mileage, and implement surveys to see how your residents rate their drivers. You can also ensure drivers have the proper licensing and even confirm medical certificates are up to date in our easy-to-use solution.

Protect your residents and promote your high level of service with detailed and organized driver management.

  • Monitor resident satisfaction to improve service
  • Reduce liability and risk with proper documentation
  • Streamline the tracking and scheduling of drivers

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