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Work & Asset Management for
Senior Living

Organize Your Daily Work and Plan Ahead

Redefine maintenance management with mobile tools to own your operations.

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Redefine Maintenance Management

Our easy-to-use maintenance management software for senior living organizations, TheWorxHub™, provides the tools you need to quickly complete daily work, ramp up preventive maintenance (PM), organize your housekeeping tasks, and report on projects and progress.


  • Improve communication between maintenance, housekeeping, contractors and more within one organized work order system
  • Bring requestors into the loop by automating communication around progress on submitted work orders
  • Use data on work, assets and costs to make better decisions for budgeting and planning


  • Open, assign, complete or edit maintenance or housekeeping work on any mobile device to save time
  • Leverage custom reporting to quickly and easily create data-driven reports to share with your team and leadership
  • Connect purchase orders and inventory to your work order system to create clarity and eliminate over- or underbuying


  • Balance it all from corrective to preventive maintenance (PM), asset management and capital projects within one dashboard
  • Automate work around preventive maintenance, asset warranties and more
  • Better asset management means easier decisions around repairing, replacing and more

Workflow Management

Improve everything from project management to daily work tracking to PM processes, while empowering your maintenance team and managers with clarity, efficiency and transparency in their workflows.

Compliance Connection

From housekeeping tasks to work orders, document and organize compliance-related tasks for better record-keeping.

Rethink Reporting

Reporting and analytics made easy. Transform work, asset and cost data into simple yet powerful reports that are effective at telling your story.

Mobilize Your Team

Our mobile, cloud-based CMMS is built to be accessible on virtually any device, providing powerful tools that go everywhere your team goes. Whether viewing a work order or using mobile barcode scanning, it's all a few taps away.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“By utilizing work order reporting, I was able to prove the need for an additional team member.” 

- Cory Noble, Maintenance & Security Director, Riverview Retirement

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