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Read this press release to learn more about Dude Solutions' new software for healthcare facilities: TheWorxHub.

SaaS-based Operations Management Provider Offers Healthcare Executives a Solution for Managing Safe, Compliant and Efficiently Run Facilities


To help hospitals meet the stringent demands of regulatory-based operations and maintenance audits that are key to patient care and facility funding, Dude Solutions, Inc., the leading cloud-based provider of operations management solutions, today introduced TheWorxHub for healthcare facilities. TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions offers healthcare administrators a powerful yet simple solution for managing safe, compliant and efficiently run facilities.

“In our work with more than 1000 healthcare providers over the past few years, we know that the implications of any maintenance error or regulatory misstep weigh heavily on operations and administration executives,” said Deb Woods, Dude Solutions’ Vice President of Product Strategy. “We’ve built TheWorxHub on this knowledge and experience to provide hospital engineers and executives critical insight into their facility’s maintenance performance and give them peace of mind with real-time, compliance-ready metrics, trends and reports.”

Maintaining compliance requirements with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulations and accrediting agencies, such as The Joint Commission, are critical to hospital operations. TheWorxHub offers a full suite of SaaS-based operations management solutions for healthcare that are easy to use, always available and mobile-ready, so there are no audit surprises and more emphasis and time can be focused on patient care.

With modules for Maintenance, Surveys & Inspection, PO & Inventory, Capital Planning and WorxIQ (metrics reports and indicators). TheWorxHub helps healthcare facility leaders maintain focus on: 

  • Compliance – From managing and maintaining utility systems to monitoring the environment of care, TheWorxHub helps prioritize, manage and ensure timely completion and documentation of compliance-related work and inspections through automated maintenance schedules and tasks.
  • Efficiency – Managing maintenance processes with a facility-wide view of the operational team helps ensure coordinated workflows, more informed decisions and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Environment of Care – Enabling environment of care rounding, such as fire safety management, infection control, and proper hazardous material storage, to be documented and monitored in real-time on a mobile device helps ensure that any deficiencies receive proper follow-up and communication.
  • Reporting – Comprehensive reporting templates that can help standardize how processes are reported and tracked. Dynamic dashboards can help hospitals improve workflow tracking and management and increase productivity while improving compliance readiness and data-driven decisions

Dude Solutions also offers a version of TheWorxHub that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of Senior Living organizations. Together, these solutions provide a broad and deep reach into the healthcare facility management marketplace.

To learn more about TheWorxHub, please visit the Healthcare and Senior Living sections of our website.

Dude Solutions, parent company of SchoolDude and FacilityDude, is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of operations management solutions to education, government, healthcare, manufacturing and membership-based organizations. The company combines innovative technology with operational insight to transform the places people learn, live, heal, work, and play. Today, more than 8,500 organizations are using Dude Solutions’ award-winning software for facilities, energy, safety, IT and a growing suite of related enterprise applications to increase efficiencies, improve service and save money. For more information, please visit

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