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Jake’s Finer Foods Drives Efficiency with Dude Solutions’ Asset Essentials

  • Thursday, January 30
  • 2 minute read

Jake’s Finer Foods Drives Efficiency with Dude Solutions’ Asset EssentialsTM  

Work and asset management software helps food distributor and restaurant supply company complete work four times faster and avoid unexpected costly repairs   

CARY, N.C. (PRWEB) January 30, 2020 – Dude Solutions, the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of operations management solutions, today announced Jake’s Finer Foods is using Asset EssentialsTM, a work and asset management platform, to maximize efficiency in their daily operations and improve profitability. 

Designed for daily and advanced maintenance operations management, Asset Essentials is helping Jake’s Finer Foods initiate, assign and track the progress of maintenance work orders. With a streamlined workflow, Jake’s Finer Foods can demonstrate improved productivity and efficiency through real-time data and reporting. Leadership is also updated with key performance indicators around critical life and safety work. 

One key performance indicator that caught the attention of leadership was a cost avoidance of at least $10,000. Asset Essentials accurately predicted the next event of a recurring forklift accident that plagued the manufacturer with unexpected and costly repairs. Data revealed the forklift speed as a contributing factor. A decision to reduce the speed resulted in fewer incidents and improved accuracy of the operators. 

Once you purchase Asset Essentials, it’s not just one size and only fits one task,” said James Mugavero, Facilities Maintenance Manager for Jake’s Finer Foods. “There’s so much you can do with it.


Work orders are now completed four times faster and communication between the maintenance department and work requesters is more streamlined. The productivity gained has allowed Jake’s Finer Foods to analyze even more data to further optimize their operations and invest in expanding the company’s safety program.  

“In every challenge that you have, Dude Solutions tries to come up with a solution that saves you time, makes you look good and drives your team to be the best in the industry,” added Mugavero. 

Jake’s Finer Foods is a food distributor and restaurant supply company that delivers a selection of 10,000 items to parts of Texas and Louisiana. The company moves an average 26,000 cases per night at their distribution center in Houston, Texas. 

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