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Although you might not be involved in all the million moving pieces that keep your organization running, it won’t run without you. We see that. That’s why we’ve developed industry-specific connected suites of operations management software, powered by the world’s smartest operations engine – so you can do your best work, and others who depend on you can do theirs.

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Your challenges are made for our solutions.

Your operations challenges are unique. But with 4M+ users of our solutions, we’ve seen just about everything. That’s why we’ve designed a connected suite of solutions that can help you take total control. We’d be happy to show you how to take the next step.


See the details, plus the big picture.

You and your team need to catch every day-to-day detail. And now you’re responsible for predicting needs and making future-proofed decisions, too. Powered by 20+ years of data from organizations like yours, our data-driven solutions help you gain predictive insights, benchmark your organization, and mitigate risks – so you can ensure your organization’s future success.

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We get it. Really.

When we say that we appreciate all that you do, we mean it. We’ve spent decades working with clients in education, government, healthcare, senior living, manufacturing, clubs and associations, and many more. This means we know what you go through every day, and what it takes to help you and your organization succeed. When you partner with us, you get:

  • Client Service Center teams with deep industry-specific knowledge
  • Award-winning support with 97% client satisfaction
  • Hands-on training and support throughout implementation and beyond
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“We save over $1 million a year, and that equates to about 20 teaching positions because we want to put the money back in the classroom.”

Terry Taylor

Director of Facilities, Gresham-Barlow School District

“Using the system gave operators a greater role in checking the work order queue and then accepting their next assignment rather than the administrator having to find an operator to dole out work. It has removed a lot of the paperwork from the administrator and eased their workload.”

Fedd Walker

Utilities Superintendent, City of Sanford, NC

“Now [that we’re working with Dude Solutions], we’re capturing data, and it will help us in the long term if we need to make a justification for another person or outsourcing. It doesn’t just help our department; it helps the hospital know how to spend money more efficiently.”

Curtis Johnson

Maintenance Lead, Bonner General Health

“For a building this size, it’s so helpful to take the work out of us having to remember who needs what, when. This way we can focus our time on the actual work, and not the administrative side of things.”

Dave Durfee

Facility Management Director, Timber Ridge at Talus Senior Living


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When you and your team work optimally, so do your operations. We’ve helped more than 12,000 operations leaders like you own their operations, and we’re ready to back your success. Let us show you how.