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Documentation failures

If you don’t have the right documentation, the right way, you can get dinged for compliance and fall below safety standards.

  • Do you have digital and mobile documentation?
  • Are your documents organized and easily accessible in one place?
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Lack of reporting capabilities

The faster and easier you can report on your compliance work and documentation, the better your inspection or evaluation will go.

  • Can you and your team members pull reports quickly and easily?
  • Can you easily create or customize reports on compliance processes?
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Improper training

Your quality and quantity of staff training can be the deciding factor for your organization staying compliant and avoiding costly noncompliance.

  • Is your staff properly trained to comply with and document regulatory procedures?
  • Are compliance and safety trainings worked into your onboarding, in addition to regular updates for staff?
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Breaks in communication

Half of the compliance battle happens in communication, so you need to have a system for alerting your team, leadership and other departments of what regulatory-related work is being done.

  • Do you know what updated compliance procedures apply to your organization?
  • Are your departments aligned on the workflow required for ensuring compliance tasks are completed?
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When you’re set up for success with the proper tools and resources, keeping compliant becomes less of a burden and more like business as usual.

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