Gain Purchasing Power for the Parts You Need

Between managing maintenance work orders, keeping track of all your facility’s assets plus all the other tasks that pop up during the day, buying the items you need to get the job done shouldn’t make your day more difficult. As an operations technician, you’re hands on and can’t be expected to spend most of your day chained to a desk performing data entry each time you purchase a new piece of material, and you can’t be bogged down in paper when it comes time to reconcile expenditures.

That’s why we partnered with Grainger, the leading maintenance parts retailer, to bring you Click2Buy, a powerful solution that allows you to purchase facility supplies from the same platform that you use to manage your operations. This integrated parts ordering system empowers your workforce with an efficient solution that saves you time and money.

How does it work with SchoolDude?

We wanted Click2Buy to be as seamless as possible, which is why we created it with full integration in mind. It’s easy to activate and even easier to use.

  • Access the Grainger site directly from your work orders
  • Free activation
  • SSO login with SchoolDude credentials
  • Utilization of the solution is determined by an administrator

What’s the benefit of buying with Click2Buy?

When it comes to inventory management, duplicate parts or unnecessary purchases just waste time and money. With Click2Buy, you not only save time when it comes to purchase requests and acquiring parts, you also save money.

  • Prevent unnecessary purchases by showing you the specific parts you need for a work order and their price on Grainger
  • E&I partnership offers exclusive discounts on over 30 categories

How does Click2Buy streamline the purchasing process?

Because so much time is lost when it comes to reconciling expenditures, data entry and sifting through paper, Click2Buy helps automate this process by pulling in vital information to help you gain more time.

  • Work orders can be assigned to specific parts so you know where they’re going
  • Visible approval process is available to the necessary parties so you know where your parts are
  • Automatically pull billing info directly into your dashboard, including taxes, PO and dates

Would you like to hear firsthand how Click2Buy has helped our clients?

Operations professionals in educational institutions everywhere have already seen such powerful improvements in efficiency that we’d like for you to learn from them firsthand how and where they’re using it successfully.

One of our VPs has already commented several times in meetings on the cost savings they already feel that we have in facilities on supplies purchased within the year.

Kyle Willis Utah State University Eastern, UT

[Click2Buy] is faster for the techs and cuts out the time waiting for the warehouse to place an order, minimized mistakes due to manual input, and lightened their workload.

Meghan JohnstonUniversity of Richmond, VA

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