Dude Solutions Unifies Its Brand Identity

SchoolDude, FacilityDude and TheWorxHub will roll up under the Dude Solutions brand for greater continuity and consistency

Since our founding as SchoolDude for education in 1999, FacilityDude for government, manufacturing, clubs & associations and commercial organizations in 2007, and acquisition of TheWorxHub platform in 2015, our parent company, Dude Solutions, has been known largely by its many successful, individual product brands. Despite serving a wide range of industries, we built our company through a platform of highly specific solutions that uniquely addressed the needs of our core markets. We’ve grown by being laser-focused on the needs of your industry, and that will never change. And as part of the Dude Solutions family, we have an opportunity to deliver even more value to your organization.

On June 20, we launched a new and improved Dude Solutions website that more effectively and consistently incorporates our independent product brands of SchoolDude, FacilityDude and TheWorxHub. And we wanted to give you an early look at some of the exciting possibilities for our 9,000+ clients across education, government, senior living, healthcare, manufacturing and other core markets.

What are we doing?

Initially, this is largely a marketing initiative in which our Dude Solutions brand will become the market-facing identity for our solutions, with SchoolDude, FacilityDude and TheWorxHub positioned as the product suites that deliver those solutions.

Why are we doing this?

There are many reasons, but simplicity and scalability for clients are at the top of the list.

  • Simplicity
    Our company, capabilities and product architecture have all grown substantially since we entered the market as SchoolDude in 1999 and revolutionized the way schools and universities managed their operations. Today, we serve not only the education market, but government, healthcare, senior living, manufacturing and many other industries with FacilityDude and TheWorxHub branded solutions that optimize efficiency and help make more informed decisions. With such a diverse range of brands, it can be confusing and sometimes challenging for clients to tap into the full potential of our product suite. Over time, this move will help us make it easier for clients to log in to their products, leverage a wider range of product functionality, and ultimately, get even more value out of doing business with our company.
  • Scalability
    Dude Solutions’ collective applications span across maintenance, energy, technology, event management, safety and many other core functional areas. We currently help over 2 million users in education, government, manufacturing, healthcare and countless other vertical markets to make more informed operational decisions and manage their organizations more effectively. Consolidating our brand will pave the way for some exciting product and service announcements down the road, while helping you begin further tapping into the wealth of expertise across our vast network of clients. Simply put, we’re making it easier for you to learn more, manage more and do more.

What does this mean to you?

The Dude Solutions brand is designed to be an addition, not a subtraction, from anything you experience from your products and services today. Here are a few key pieces of information about what this means:

  • On June 20, our new and improved dudesolutions.com website went live, showcasing our fresh new brand identity. We have begun to incorporate the marketing content from our SchoolDude, FacilityDude and TheWorxHub websites into our new corporate Dude Solutions site. In the case of SchoolDude and TheWorxHub for senior living, that transition will happen over the next several weeks.
  • There will be no disruption or discontinuation of our product and service capabilities as a result of this transition. In fact, this move will allow us to better capitalize on those strengths and add further value to each of our individual clients.
  • You will continue to log in and access your products via the same portals you do today. In some cases you will be redirected to a differently branded page, but your experience across different product suites will become more consistent over time.
  • Your current sales, service and support teams you know and love will still be there to help you every step of the way.

We are excited by this change and look forward to the ways in which we’ll be able to serve you even better as a result.
Click here to access an FAQ document outlining additional details about what this initiative means to you.

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