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The Need for a Crisis Management App

Are you worried that your organization is ill equipped to react to or even anticipate a crisis in your facility or city? Many organizations (from schools to hospitals to clubs and associations) are now taking advantage of smartphone technology to help their staff and patrons in a moment of need.

Our new crisis management app at Dude Solutions utilizes mobile accessibility to alert, monitor and stabilize safety situations at your facility. Our app takes your existing safety plan or any safety documentation, converts it into an easy-to-use digital platform and makes your plan viewable by any smartphone user from any location. Having a safety plan is important, but getting that information to the right people at the right time is essential.

Simple Security Incident Management

Our safety solutions set themselves apart from those across the market by offering the following benefits:

  • Functionality: Many organizations use a text message alert system. But you can’t send an entire safety plan in a text message. In addition to storing a detailed version of your safety plan, our safety app has other features, including remote incident reporting and push notifications.
  • Affordability: This affordable crisis management app is priced out to work within your organization’s budget. Our mobile platform is more cost-efficient and produces less waste than printed paper materials.
  • Practicality. Our mobile safety platform is available in Google, Amazon and Apple app stores. The app allows for an unlimited number of users, downloads and updates.
  • Ease of use. It’s vital to have an easy-to-use crisis management app on both ends of the spectrum. Administrators can easily update or customize different plans for different roles and incorporate maps, diagrams and links. Our mobile solutions require no special skills or training, and users are never more than one touch of the screen away from your safety plan.
  • Continued support. At Dude Solutions, we will never leave your side with any of our products, and our crisis management app is certainly no exception. Enjoy lifetime unlimited training and support to ensure new staff members always have the knowledge they need to stay safe.

Almost 90% of schools communicated a safety incident and 31% of schools notified parents of a lockdown in the last year according to Daymark Primary Research. It is with that in mind that we set out to develop the best crisis management app available across industries.

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