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Start a Preventive Maintenance Program

What is Preventive Maintenance? It's Correction. It's Inspection. It's Detection. That’s preventive maintenance.

By employing the verbs listed above, you effectively mitigate or avoid the ramifications of equipment failure. In other words, you’re preventing damaging outcomes.

When you’re conducting preventive maintenance (PM) for a manufacturing plant, school playground, government building, country club or an industrial facility, trained staff will be better able to detect potentially critical issues and correct them before they become crippling. Unlike corrective or reactive maintenance (which involves generating a work order request in response to an existing failure), preventive maintenance helps prevent failures from happening in the first place.

If you’re trying to understand the definition of preventive maintenance, then you’re likely about to draft a plan regarding implementation. First, ask yourself, "what do I need in order to make a PM program a success?"

3 Steps for a Successful Preventive Maintenance Program

Now that you’re armed with a budget, staff and an effective CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), you can help ensure success by following these 3 steps for your PM program:

1. Get Everyone Involved. If your staff isn’t a participating in developing the preventive maintenance program, then you’ll likely have an underwhelming response when implementing it. Your software cannot do the work alone – you need an enthusiastic and skilled staff for superior execution.

2. Assess Strengths and Weaknesses. This isn’t about people: It’s about your facilities and equipment. You need to be aware if one of the HVAC units reached its operational capacity, which would be categorized a weakness and be prioritized for resolution. You also need to be aware if a piece of machinery was just updated or replaced within the last year or so – one of your strengths.

3. Fine-tune the Schedule. Automatically generated reminders and preventive maintenance work orders are great, but they won’t ensure success. Finding a balance among staff and between newer and older equipment is vital. Work with your staff to figure out an approach that will maximize everyone’s time and minimize future corrective maintenance.

How Can Dude Solutions Help?

Our preventive maintenance software at Dude Solutions can yield a 27% increase in productivity and a 25% extension of equipment life. You’re probably wondering how it can do that. With our solution, you can:

  • Generate customizable and detailed schedules, graphs and reports
  • Group work orders by budget, inventory, location and project
  • Notify users once each work order is generated
  • Track maintenance costs to compare with corrective costs
  • And much more

So, you have a clear definition, 3 steps for success and a potential platform. It’s time that you join the 9,000 clients across the country and world who have turned to Dude Solutions for their operational needs.

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