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3 Rules of 3 for New Initiatives (Ep. 69)

Bob Bittner

  • Episode 69
  • 21 mins

DK (aka David Kornegay aka "The Mayor" or Community Director at Dude Solutions) joins Bob to talk about his recent presentation at Dude University on Rolling Out New Initiatives. They cover three rules of three for implementing new ideas and making sure they stick. Check back in a few weeks for part two on this topic!

In Episode 69, you'll also learn more about:

  • First rule of 3: how, what and why
    • How to connect new initiatives to the why or main mission of your organization
    • How ideas need to prove a business and personal value
    • Second rule of 3: people, processes and tools
    • How to find your "champion" or monomaniac with a mission
    • How to push an idea up, down and sideways
    • Third rule of 3: 3 dangers are lack of communication, resistance to change and using the world "should"
    • The 80/20 rule

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