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3 Success Mechanisms (Ep. 70)

Mike Phelps

DescriptiLead Vocalist
Cold Catastropheon

  • Episode 70
  • 24 mins

DK is back in the studio with Bob and Tony to talk about how to get that new idea or initiative to be successful for your organization as a whole. Catch up on last week's 3 Rules of 3 episode if you haven't before diving into this one.

In Episode 70, you'll also learn more about:

  • 3 success mechanisms: what are you really great at?, what can you be the best at, what drives your resource engine
  • How to align your goals to your organization
  • What's the flywheel effect?
  • How your mission, vision and values shape this process and can be used as filters
  • How your team builds brand and everyone is an extension of your brand (and what brand truly means beyond logos and colors)
  • How to evaluate what worked or didn't work and move forward
  • How everyone is a salesperson or educator
  • If you can't manage change, someone will change what you manage



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