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Fight, Flight or Freeze? (Ep. 64)

Bob Bittner & Tony Butler

  • Episode 64
  • 20 mins

Despite the snowy weather and freezing temperatures, Bob and Tony are back with some timely tips for emergency preparedness. They discuss how you can prepare for the worst and make sure your emergency plans are actionable all year long, no matter what comes your way.


In Episode 64, you'll also learn:

  • You can’t prepare for everything, but you shouldn’t ignore everything either
  • Master emergency preparedness with:
    • Communication
      • Who do you need to contact first?
      • What are the phone numbers you need?
      • What happens if…
      • What if cellphone communication goes down?
    • Education
      • Educate others on your team with protocols
      • Reduce risks by helping everyone be on the same page
    • Being Proactive
      • How you can get ahead by reviewing your emergency plans at the beginning of each year
      • Calling the emergency numbers you have to ensure they’re still the right ones
  • Consider everyone’s safety
  • How to be as prepared as possible and know your building
  • Explore mobile safety solutions that can work when off Wi-Fi
  • How you can learn from the situation
  • How to prevent issues before they happen

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