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Get Reacquainted with OSHA (Ep. 71)

Bob Bittner

  • Episode 71
  • 21 mins

Today on the podcast, we have a special guest: OSHA, more specifically Wanda Lagoe, Bureau Chief of the Education, Training and Technical Assistance Bureau at the N.C. Department of Labor. She joins Bob and Tony to talk about what you need to know about OSHA, important new standards and free resources you can use in your daily work.

In Episode 71, you'll also learn:

  • What is OSHA and their mission
  • The difference between federal and state OSHA


    • Where to go to for resources on your local OSHA standards
    • How OSHA helps organizations with consultative services, training and education
    • Free resources offered to the public like webinars, PowerPoints, templates, etc.
    • OSHA's on-site consultation opportunities
    • Some of the biggest concerns, including slips, trips and falls, and amputations
    • Who OSHA standards apply to
    • New regulations you should be aware of



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