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Getting Buy-In, Part 2 (Ep. 4)

Bob Bittner & Tony Butler

  • Episode 4
  • 18 mins

Bob “Papa Dude” Bitner and Tony Butler share three ways you can work with your staff to get buy-in and accomplish the work that needs to be done.

Papa Dude takes a moment to reflect on his career and puts into perspective how his work helped contributed to some pretty major accomplishments in human history. These include being part of the teams that set the deepest dive record, kept the smallest baby born alive and developed a major migraine drug. This all going into understanding how your team is part of the bigger picture and helping them understand that.

Here are the three points that Papa Dude and Tony make

1. Understand the value of the mission – Do this by creating and maintaining and environment for success

2. Empower and enable your staff - Remove roadblocks, become their trusted advisor and contribute to change instead of resisting it.

3. Draw on their strengths - find their passion and incorporate that into their work

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