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Know Your Energy Costs for Energy Awareness Month (Ep. 57)

Bob Bittner & Tony Butler

  • Episode 57
  • 21 mins

It’s National Energy Awareness Month, and Bob and Tony are excited to talk energy! Listen in to learn some small ways to save big on energy and utilities by focusing on awareness and behavior first. You’ll also learn what the color of the “black box” in planes actually is…the answer may surprise you.



Bob and Tony provide tips on how to find energy opportunities, as well as free ways to save energy and money by influencing awareness and behavior. This may mean educating people about the best ways to conserve energy or making a special push for energy saving with Energy Awareness Month.

You can also get more buy-in when you connect your energy conservation efforts to your organization’s mission, while tracking and reporting on your energy use. Maybe you can take some of what you save on energy and apply those funds to another part of the budget.

See how Gresham-Barlow did this within their school to save teacher salaries.

Energy projects like LED lighting upgrades and HVAC updates can even affect and improve the environment of your school, hospital or other type of facility.

It’s a win-win-win, for the people in your facilities, the organization as a whole and for you as the facilities or operations personnel.

The first step to saving energy is taking action. Do something today, even if it’s as small as turning out the lights.



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