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New Year, New Goals (Ep. 63)

Bob Bittner & Tony Butler

  • Episode 63
  • 19 mins

Bob and Tony are back on the podcast to celebrate the New Year and share how you can make goals (instead of resolutions) that are SMART and attainable. Listen in to learn more about developing successful goals personally and professionally with their helpful tips.

In Episode 63, you’ll also learn about:

  • Why you should make goals for the year
  • How you can make your yearly goals attainable by breaking them down into months or days
  • How goals can help with budget planning
  • Starting small as the key to making achievable goals
  • Use the why or outcome to help motivate you and make you more accountable to others
  • Review last year, write down goals for this year and focus in on the important ones
  • About SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely
  • How to balance personal and professional goals.



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