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Recovering Dollars After Disaster (Ep. 19)

Bob Bittner

  • Episode 19
  • 14 mins

Happy Dudecast Tuesday!

With our annual conference (FacilityDude University) just around the corner, Bob wanted to share a short highlight of one of the classes he will be teaching! With all of the crazy weather we have been experiencing around the country, we thought this topic seemed fitting.

What happens if a disaster strikes in your area? At your facility? What’s your plan for before, during and after an emergency? Does your staff know what to do if you have to execute the plan? If a disaster strikes, a thorough, practiced plan is critical to minimizing damage, ensuring the safety of your employees, and speeding the recovery process. Are you vigilant in your preparedness, or is the plan something that just sits on the shelf? If you’ve ever wondered if you are doing all you should to prepare for a disaster, you won’t want to miss this class highlight!

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