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Tying IT & Facilities Together (Ep. 67)

Bob Bittner

  • Episode 67
  • 21 mins

One of our Applications Engineers at Dude Solutions joins Bob and Tony to talk about new topics, trends and technology in the IT space, as well as how the department can connect more effectively with facilities.  

In Episode 67, you'll also learn: 

  • Aligning the challenges of IT departments and facilities 
  • How many IT departments saw an increase in their budget...and how many didn't 
  • How automation is impacting the technology world 
  • What we can do about the increase in technology 
  • How the technology landscape is changing in schools 
  • Why now IT professionals are having to show what they are using grant money and other resources for 
  • How new devices and technology impact the solutions we offer 
  • About handling BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies 
  • Better understanding the total cost of ownership with technology and devices 
  • Change in E-Rate funding 
  • Advice for avoiding scams online 


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