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What Does Maintenance Have to Do with Patient Care? (Ep. 61)

Bob Bittner & Tony Butler

  • Episode 61
  • 25 mins

We’re joined today by Martyn Buffler, Senior Advisor for Healthcare at Dude Solutions, to talk about the part that maintenance has to play within patient care at healthcare organizations. Whether you’re a healthcare operations professional or just interested as a healthcare consumer, there is plenty for you to learn. Also, find out how Tony’s surprise trip to Disney with his kids went!

In Episode 61, you’ll learn:

  • How facilities management is connected to the end patient experience
  • How the landscape of healthcare has shifted with patients becoming consumers
  • What’s driving the patient experience
  • Reframing patient expectation within the lens of a hotel stay
  • How the operations team can make a difference for hospital patients
  • What makes up the Environment of Care (or EOC) in a hospital and how does the maintenance team help keep it safe
  • What can FMs do to manage their tasks and contribute to positive patient care with mobile technology
  • Why better documenting maintenance processes and assets with a combination of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance programs can improve patient care
  • How technology allows maintenance and operations teams to do more with less and be more proactive
  • Success with involving everyone in the organization in your processes
  • Real-life examples of changes that positively impact patient satisfaction scores
  • How HCAHPS scores on facilities are directly tied to reimbursement



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