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Public K-12

Own your operations with better data
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Public K-12 schools are facing a lot today. You're juggling your operations, being good stewards of your budget, your staff and more, all while trying to ensure your facilities are healthy and safe for your students. You're tasked with balancing market and legislative policy changes with fiscal responsibility, and you've always got an eye on supporting classroom learning during both the good and bad economic times. That kind of responsibility requires smart business operations practices.

We understand that. With over 20 years of experience working with the education industry, we provide easy-to-use, cloud-based software that's market ready and designed for you. We're not just a work order management system. We're a partner in your organization's success, offering sustainable, configurable operations solutions that help you work smarter, not harder. We offer a true software suite to help you with every operations challenge, from maintenance and capital forecasting to events, energy and technology.

Are you owning your operations, or are they owning you?

Our true suite of solutions helps you know more, do more, save more and plan better. We've designed our software to not only simplify your day but provide you with the data you need to transform your operations and make cases for the future. Backed with operational insights and better efficiency, your organization will have the tools to be more productive and feel more in control.

Trusted by over 4,500 districts nationwide, our solutions help you to:

  • Maximize productivity and save time and money by streamlining your day
  • Justify funding for capital projects and validate current and future staff resourcing
  • Demonstrate your duty of care to your Board of Education and tax base
  • Mitigate risk and stay on top of potential liability situations
  • Increase transparency using your operations data story through Dude Intelligence
  • Measure your progress and benchmark your institution against your public K-12 peers
  • Network and collaborate with other industry leaders through our community

What Our Clients Are Saying

“It’s the most user friendly program that I’ve seen. Dude Solutions has become essential for Parkland School Division and is part of our department’s future plans.”
– Bonnie Read, Administrative Assistant, Parkland School Division No. 70

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