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Bob “Papa Dude” Bitner and Tony Butler share tips for winter planned maintenance. Listen in to learn about five areas you should be thinking about this winter.

Bob “Papa Dude” Bitner and Tony Butler share some turkey talk about winter planned maintenance. They take a look at five areas you should be thinking about this winter when it comes to preparing your facility for this winter season.

1. Employee Training – This can include a review of OSHA regulations, safety procedures and equipment operation.

2. Take Inventory – Make sure you have enough snow removal equipment and that it’s working properly. Also, check to see if you have enough salt and ice melt.

3. Inspect for Potential Problem Areas – Look for potential issues with pipes that are exposed and sprinkler systems. Also, do a full building inspection. Check the air dampers as well as the roof.

4. Planning and Prioritization – When there is a winter weather emergency, be prepared with proper scheduling, as well as a plan for who does what and what needs to be done when.

5. Review Communications Plans – Make sure employees know where to look for winter weather policies and notifications. Make sure they review these plans to understand what to do in case of an emergency.

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